How to Reserve Your Puppy

  1. Call us! We breed only twice a year and most likely you will have to wait for your little furpup. We'll discuss what you're looking for and answer any questions you have.

  2. Come visit us in Kittredge - meet our dogs, get a feel for their personalities, and see how they are raised in our home.

  3. Put down a reservation for a puppy.

  4. Work with us to find the perfect puppy match, as described below.

Puppy Placement: The Art of Matching Owners and Havanese Puppies 

We place our puppies no sooner than eight weeks of age. In our experience, the best time to evaluate puppies for their personality makeup is at about seven weeks. We see personality development as an ongoing process and we believe it would be unrealistic to decide on the best fit of pup with new owner sooner than seven weeks of age. So as a proud new owner we ask you to have patience while we assess which puppy is the best match for your home.

We spend time with each puppy buyer to assure a successful placement. We match specific puppies to specific owners, and do not rely on a first-come, first-served list. We take your preferences into account,  such as male, or female, or color and we direct you towards a pups who fit your lifestyle. 

At seven weeks of age our babies meet with trainer Laurel Landsman of Canine Frontiers who conducts temperament test very similar to the Vollhard Puppy Tests. We have had amazing results with Laurel and the tests give us confidence that your match will be quite accurate.  

We do accept deposit checks, which are a reservation for a puppy from an upcoming litter, but not for the purpose of setting a priority for future owners to pick their favorite puppy just on the basis of looks, for example. Instead, we might place a high energy puppy with one family and a low maintenance easy-going lap puppy in a completely different home.

It is easiest to make a match if a new owner is open to different coat colors and to either sex, so we can find the right pup whose personality and makeup matches the owner's goals.

Most of our puppies are sold as companions which means the puppy cannot be bred, and the pup must be spayed or neutered by nine months of age to prevent accidental breeding.

We require that all potential show-puppy placements include a legal contract outlining co-ownership and the requirements for finishing the championship and health testing.

We give our promise that each puppy comes to its new home as healthy and well-loved as possible, including first vaccinations.