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See what people are saying about our dogs.

Aw Piper is a dream. He is so smart it is scary and so in touch with how other people are feeling emotionally or physically. Chuck experienced two aneurysms a year and a half ago. We had to go to four ERs and several doctor visits before they figured out what was happening. Thankfully he survived it and came out virtually left with no lingering affects. In the days he was still home and not diagnosed yet, Piper never left his side at all and would lick his forehead in the exact spot they finally found the aneurysms. Unbelievable and there are more stories like that. He is such a huge part of the family. His personality is hysterical – he truly gives us laughs and love everyday. It was exactly four years ago next week that we got him. Don’t know what we will do if we ever lose him because he makes sure that he is very present in our lives. And he is beautiful. Such a pretty color with green eyes. Everyone comments on him. Soooooo thank you so much for helping us in letting him pick us. He really has enhanced our lives more than we ever expected.
— Cyndi
Daisy seems to continue to develop her depth and awareness as a companion and therapy dog. The groundwork for her heart and soul is in the connection she had with you and your intuition that Daisy’s next stage of development could take place in the healing profession with me. I know she carries you in her heart at all times, and as much as she misses you, she is glad to be giving back in some way. We all appreciate you sacrifice and generosity. I give thanks for her each day, and I can see how she enriches the healing for my patients. Be assured nothing you shared with Daisy is lost - it belongs to both of you. I keep saying this Laura, but I don’t know how to thank you enough for the gift of Daisy. All I can do is brag on what a wonderful breeder she had and pass on the good feelings about Wildflower Havanese.
Laura... Are your ears ringing? Well they should be. We have been singing your praises for doing such a wonderful job with those puppies! Gromit has been so good and is settling into our house so nicely, due to you. All of your loving hard work that you have done sure makes it nice for us. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have him. You couldn’t have done a finer job. Thank you so much.
— Jane
We purchased our first puppy from Laura five years ago, then another one a year later. Back then, we knew very little about the many things that go into making healthy, well-adjusted puppies, and we thank our lucky stars that we met up with Laura! Her dedication to the breed is amazing as is her willingness to share her experience before, during and after the ‘adoption’ process. We could not be happier with our two little boys and how well they have turned out, not to mention the support and advice we have been receiving from Laura. And word certainly gets around - friends from as far away as Canada are now proud owners of Wildflower Havanese puppies!
— Ilka
Laura Burgess of Wildflower Havanese is the most responsible, educated breeder I know. Her attention to genetics and conformation puts her pups above the standard breeders’ dogs. Further, she cares so much for her puppies and their adoptive families. She always wants what’s best for all concerned. Laura is the only breeder I recommend to my clients.
— Laurie A. Korte, Over the Moon Training Services, LLC
Just want to say thank you again for bringing Dobby (Formerly named Ginger) and me together in 2010. She will be 2 years old on Christmas day. She is my best buddy and I am hers. She and I have a close relationship so different than I ever had imagined. When she snuggles in my neck when I don’t feel well or lays in the crook of my arm with her chin up on my chest like a child, she fills my heart. When she stretches up on my leg as if to say, “Let’s play, Mom” I just melt.

Of course when she plays fetch or chooses not to follow a command but instead decides we should play and wants me to chase or get up to help her get her toy out from where she tossed it, I love her just as much.

Thank you both for your part in bringing me so much happiness with my wonderful little dog.
— Paulette